Just click the map and zoom in. I will try to set  daily waypoints, so you are able to check my current position.

7 Responses to “Start”

  1. Dolly Says:


  2. martin Says:

    Hi Dolly!!!!
    Thanks, LYT!!!!


  3. Kathy Keegan Says:

    Hi Martin.

    I’m here in LA with Lil we are so proud of you for doing this! Two thumbs up! You are always welcome to crash at casa Kathy anytime you are in LA! 🙂

  4. Martin Says:

    Great, it’s so nice to know that I’m welcome on your place!!
    Have a good time and see you soon!

    Big hug

  5. Dolly Says:

    Hello Rock star,

    You are on your way to America….and we miss your smiling face already! …so keep on smiling all the way to the finish line…the best of luck and lots of strenghts!! Luvya much…your fan club! Lilian, Blue-bear & Joy-girl

  6. martin Says:

    Just landed in NYC – Newark – Hotel Marriot!!!! Thank you so much for everything! More news later.
    Love and miss you!!

  7. Deb Says:

    Hi I met you this morning when you stopped at our little town of Grover Hill, Ohio, In the middle of nowhere. Just check out your web site and I think it is wonderful what you are doing. Good Luck with your adventure. May the sky be dry!! Take care Deb

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