In the last few weeks I got many questions regarding my project. Here is a short list of FAQ’s, maybe your question is answered here, if not, do not hesitate do contact me!

Are you already on your trip??

YES! I started out from Newark on the 30. of April. Check my daily reports.

How does Google Map function?

Each day I will set waypoints, so you are able to check my current position.

Why travel from East to West?

Because of the headwind. No, just kidding! :-) Because I have known and liked California for a long time, it’s better to have this goal in front of me.

How old are you?

Sorry, but this is not a dating site. Therefore no information about age, color, weight and so on!!

How and where do you stay at night?

Right there where my day finishes. It could be a hotel, motel or guesthouse. I prefer to sleep in a proper bed, but if there is nowhere available, my tent and sleeping bag will do their best to comfort me! :-)

Do you carry any weapons with you?

Of course not; I’m a lover, not a fighter (but a fight for love)!!!