About the project

In fall 2006, I¬†suffered a totally unexpected heart attack. It was¬†a huge¬†shock¬†to myself, my family¬†and my¬†friends. After four weeks of therapy I slowly ‘came back to life’. Medical tests showed that I walked away with¬†virtually no physical limitations.¬†Those weeks in therapy gave me¬†plenty of time to think about my new life situation and¬†I came to the obvious conclusion that I had to correct some former habits¬†— especially stop smoking,¬†eat differently¬†and get daily exercise.

My new daily workout included cycling, which I had always loved, and I envisioned crossing the USA on a bicycle! There were several reasons to challenge myself in this way. First of all, I was looking for motivation in my life. Having biked for years it was clear to me that I wanted to do a bigger trip on my mountain bike.

Twenty years ago, I travelled and lived for several months in the USA. During one of my first stays in California, I discovered the¬†thrills of mountain biking in the Sausalito area, which is¬†where the sport¬†was born. I’ve been hooked ever since!

Another important aspect of my vision to cross the USA by bike was to show heart-attack patients, their relatives and also healthy people that there is a way to create a new and positive life after a life-threatening experience.

After months of¬†daily bike training,¬†I have¬†prepared for¬†and organized the whole trip. I have partners on board,¬†completed my¬†homepage, evaluated the equipment and planned¬†the route. I’m so¬†excited¬†about this tour and I hope you will follow my adventure with enthusiasm! Together, we can help heart patients everywhere.¬†

Keep checking the site — I’ll keep you updated with all¬†my news and photos!