First of all I wont to thank my family and friends! The support I got from all of them was just amazing after my heart attack. Therefore, all I can say is: Always take care of your family and friends! Without them it would make my project almost a mission impossible!

Brand Sponsors

Bus Sport is since 10 years my employer. To make a trip happen like this I have to take off three months. Erich and Roli, many thanks for supporting me and my project!

Th√∂mus Bike is a swiss bike and I’m so proud that Th√∂mu is supporting me on that trip from east- to westcoast!!!

Northwave is the brand which supports me with bike boots and apparel. Thanks to the gang in Monte Belluna!

Smith Optics. From Smith to Schmid. Back again with Marco in business and perfect to protect my eyes with Smith sunglasses!